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Numbers Plus is a full service accounting firm
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Numbers Plus is a full service accounting firm, with a commitment to quality through technology for their clients benefit.
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We have developed strategic working relationships with various experts in business, law and tax that are available for our client’s needs when needed. Nobody can be an expert on everything and by having these strategic relationships we can provide whatever a client may need.

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Numbers Plus is an accounting firm that has evolved over time. Its origins date back to 2010 when it was formed by Mark Stebbing in Mississauga where he saw a growing need for both tax and accounting services.

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Numbers Plus is the bringing together of all the facets of accounting and taxation services required by individuals and small to medium businesses. 

Upward on Onward!
Achieve your financial potential.

At Numbers Plus, we help corporations and individuals achieve their financial potential.

Our goal is to do this by offering a personal type of relationship with our clients, all while providing financial solutions that compete with the largest and most innovative accounting firms in the industry.

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