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Tax Management

Let us help you manage your taxes so they don't manage you.

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Corporate Structure
NumbersPlus Accounting Corporate Structure.
Corporate structure
The proper corporate (share) structure can help save taxes

There are many ways to set up the business, and the correct structure may depend upon what you plan on doing with your corporation.


Shares are how the business owner can prove their ownership of the company, but they also allow for dividends (after corporate tax retained earnings) to be paid by the corporation to themselves.  If the share structure isn't set up properly then you or your family may end up paying more tax.  

Let Numbers Plus help you create the optimal structure for you.

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Tax deferred rollovers
Tax deferred rollovers
Often the best taxes are the ones you don't pay today. 

There are special provisions within the income tax act that can allow you to sell a business to a corporation or a partnership without having to pay any taxes ... yet.. 


These elections can be complex, but the benefit they can provide are often worth it.

Let us help you make the most of the elections that can benefit you.

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Succession Planning
NumbersPlus Accounting Succession
Succession planning
The tax traps and pitfalls

The tax traps and pitfalls that exist are numerous when looking to pass a corporation from the current owner(s) to the next.  There are a number of tried and true strategies out there.  The key is finding the strategy that achieves the transition plan in a manner that is tax efficient.  Call us to book a meeting to help turn your goal of a smooth transition into reality.

Personal tax planning
Built with an individual in mind

Within the income tax act the least number of tax planning opportunities are built with an individual in mind. 

However, just because there are fewer options available doesn’t mean that a sound tax plan cannot be put in place to keep the taxes you will have to pay to the lowest legal amount possible. Contact us to book a meeting  to start getting your personal finance optimized for tax.

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