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Regardless of being a sole proprietor or corporate business owner, hiring a professional to offer consulting services and provide extra resources and/or expertise is a positive choice that helps and supports you.


Numbers Plus provides consulting in several different ways. For starters, we can ensure that any potential tax implications regarding your financial decisions are considered and structured in the most tax advantageous way. If you are looking to purchase or sell a corporation, we will help with the due diligence and make sure you do not overpay when purchasing a business or under-sell when selling a business.

Given our wealth of experience in many different industries and situations, we are prepared to help you in various ways and will assist you in making tough strategic decisions. We will demonstrate the best direction to take and inform you of any strengths and weaknesses along the way.

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Strategic Planning
Strategic planning
Let us help you

Knowing you need a strategic plan and actually creating one are two different things.  Often we are too close to our company to be truly objective when building the strategic plan.  Let us help you develop a strategic plan that is tailormade for your business. 


We will help keep you accountable to your strategic plan by having regular follow up meetings to review the performance against the plan and analysis where, and why, any performance gaps have occurred and if necessary work with you to adjust the plan to adapt to those gaps.

Strategic Tax Planning_NumberPlus Accounting
Management Advisory Services
NumbersPlus Management Advisory.png
Management Advisory 

  • Strategic Planning

  • Mergers & Acquisitions including Purchase & Sale of a Business

  • Business Valuations

  • Succession & Transition Planning

  • Business Life Plans

  • Business Plans

  • SWOT (Strengths Weakness Opportunities & Strengths) Analysis

Buying/Selling businesses
Looking to sell your business

Selling a business is a complex process. If you have a privately-held business there is no immediate exchange or “ready-made” market where you can sell your business. We can help with going through the issues such as:

  • selling assets or shares,

  • what after tax funds you may expect to receive

Looking to buy a business

You have made the decision to expand through acquisition or step into the world of becoming an entrepreneur for the first time. There are various steps to successfully buy a business and different parties that may be involved (i.e. the current owner, landlords, family members, and other key stakeholders).


Analyzing the financial information and visualizing the strategy is key to understanding the type of business you want to buy. Clarity is important. Let Numbers Plus assist you with the details in understanding what is involved and how it will benefit you.

Selling a business_NumbersPlus Accounting
Buying/Selling business
Succession planning
NumbersPlus Succession Planning
Succession planning  
Traps and pitfalls

The tax traps and pitfalls that exist are numerous when one is looking for a plan on how to pass a corporation from the current ownership team to the next.  There are a number of tried and true strategies out there, but the key is finding the strategy that achieves the transition plan in a tax efficient manner.  Call us to book a meeting to help turn your goal of a smooth transition into reality.

Business Plan Consultant
Writing a business plan can be challenging

While it is true that “a failure to plan is a plan to fail,” a solid business plan that you stick to can be a recipe for success. Numbers Plus will work with you to build a business plan that can be used as your strategic roadmap but also a presentation for investors, banks and partners.

If you already have a business plan and would like to have it reviewed by a professional business plan consultant, you’ve come to the right place. Let us sit with you and review your plan to ensure you have all the information and knowledge needed for success.

Business Plan Consulting_NumbersPlus Accounting
Business Plan Consultant
Start-up Advisors
NumbersPlus Accounting_startup.png
Start-up Advisors  
Starting a new business can be an exciting time and can also feel overwhelming

Every day you will experience and master new areas of operation that may take you out of your ‘comfort zone’. Focusing on what is important and ensuring that you have reasonable expectations is essential to get your business started. Researching about your future market and competitors is one of the best ways to prepare and develop your business start-up plan.

Numbers Plus helps ensure that your start-up plan is well-organized and laid out. We will work with you to complete the necessary research and build a start-up plan which covers your key success factors.

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