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Advisory Services

Financial and management advice when you need it.

Advisory Intro

Strategic services to help develop and grow your business – tax implications, due diligence and planning. Numbers Plus has a solid track record of working with business owners and professionals to achieve their goals.

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Tax Planning
Minimizing the payment of taxes


The undertaking of legitimate transactions or arrangements with a view to defer or minimize the payment of taxes.  Depending upon your situation one or more tax planning opportunities may be reasonable.  Common tax planning transactions include, but are not limited to:

  • Tax deferred sale of certain assets to a corporation (a section 85 rollover)

  • Recapitalization of a corporation to minimize punitive taxes such as tax on split income “TOSI”

  • TFSA versus RRSP

  • Salary versus dividend compensation

  • Division of assets in a tax deferred manner (so called Butterfly transactions)

  • Family Trusts

Let us take the guesswork away and develop a tax planning strategy for you.

Tax Planning
Wealth Management_NumbersPlus Accounting
Wealth Management

Estate planning and management has implications for both personal and business returns. We can help navigate and properly prepare the financial documents you need to optimize your legacy.

Wealth Management
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