Personal Tax Services

Personal Tax Return Services

Make sure you maximize your tax savings!

It is going to be difficult to keep the maximum amount of your earnings when you don’t know all the legitimate tax strategies available. Effective personal tax planning focuses on maximizing the funds retained by the taxpayer. Numbers Plus Professional Corporation helps their clients develop sustainable long-term strategies that will help their clients maximize their tax savings. Numbers Plus® is well versed and up to date with all the current government tax programs available to individuals. Our holistic approach allows us to identify the many different options you may have which may ultimately lower the lifetime liability of your taxes.

Personal Tax Return Services

This can include various strategies including the effective use of trusts, investment companies, and other tools and vehicles to help you reach your financial goal of tax savings.

  • Tax return preparation for Canadians
    isnt always easy – especially when you
    consider the deductions often missed.

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  • Minimize your sole proprietors
    taxes to maximize more earnings.

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  • Whether you own one or multiple properties, we can and will help you optimize your tax position.

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  • When you have a number of investments
    (T5 Slips, T3 Slips, T5008) and
    possibly brokerage statements.

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  • Partnerships may not have to pay income tax,
    however, getting the reporting right can
    lower the tax payable by the
    partners – let us help.

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  • Taxation for seniors can be
    complex – let us help you
    enjoy the retirement you deserve.

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  • Taxation for students – let us
    help you enjoy all the
    tax credits you are owed.

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  • Taxation after death is
    complex – let us help.

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    Important Dates

    April 30

    Personal tax payments are due. Tax return filing deadline is April 30th unless you or your spouse have business income then filing deadline is June 15th.

    March 31

    Trusts: Payment and filing deadline is March 31st (three months after the year end which is Dec 31st) unless a Graduated Rate Estate which is three months after the...

    February 28

    Tax Slips (T4, T4A, T5, …): Payment deadlines are as per usual (i.e.

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    Where are you located?

    We are located on 168 Queen Street in Mississauga, ON in suite 209. The office is located in beautiful downtown Streetsville.

    What are your hours of operation?

    Our standard working day runs from 9am to 5pm. We can occasionally accommodate appointments outside of these hours.  During the months of July and August the office closes at 1 pm on Friday.

    Do you have parking?

    Yes. We have parking in the back of the building with easy access to our office. If you require public transportation, the Mississauga Transit system stops in front of our office and the Streetsville Go Station is only a few blocks away.

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