Personal Taxes 2012

28 February, 2013

Personal Taxes – Let’s Get Ready!

It comes around the same time year after year, but April 30th has a tendency to creep up on you—especially when you’re not ready. You can make tax time less stressful by simply planning ahead. Our Personal Tax Checklist is a great way to help you organize your records and be prepared.
Organization is the key to helping us do the best possible job for you. Not only can it help reduce stress and save time, it can also make sure you get all the deductions to which you’re entitled.
Our checklist will help you organize all of your tax slips and related information in a manner that will help ensure nothing gets missed or overlooked.
As soon as you have everything ready it makes sense to drop everything off to Numbers Plus® as soon as possible.
Electronically Filed Tax Returns – Did you know?
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) receives two thirds of its tax returns electronically. One huge advantage of this is that if you qualify for a refund you will get your money faster! The average processing time for a return filed electronically is two weeks. For paper, the average is four to six weeks! And when you combine filing online with direct deposit, you may have your refund in your account in as little as eight days!
Also, even if you aren’t expecting a refund, filing electronically also ensures the CRA has received your tax return which helps avoid any failure to file penalties should the return be lost in the mail.
Most importantly even if you owe money to the CRA that amount usually does not have to be paid until April 30th, even if the tax return was electronically filed in February!
Wherever possible, Numbers Plus® will electronically file your tax return for you.

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