How a bookkeeper can help your business

4 July, 2013

Being a business owner is a liberating experience.  The ability to manage all aspects of the business, full ownership, and pride in watching it grow are just a few of the satisfying aspects of owing your own business.  The difficult part is balancing all the tedious aspects of managing your business; this includes managing the financial details.  Many business owners worry that the cost will be prohibitive, but reality is there are significant advantages to outsourcing your bookkeeping.  Here are some of the key advantages:
Sales Monitoring and Reporting – Your sales are the most important part of any business.  Whether in your early stages or a more seasoned business, you need to have a clear understanding of your sales performance, trends, and forecast.  A sudden change in sales or a concerning trend may go unnoticed when working on a business day-to-day, but a bookkeeper will be able to provide you the insight and trend analysis.
Insights to maximize profitability – While most business owners will focus on sales, there are other key insights and trends that are important as well.  A qualified bookkeeper will be able to provide you insights on cost trends, opportunities, and other ways to help maximize profitability.  Opportunities sometimes are not obvious when we are immersed in day-to-day management, an experienced bookkeeper will be able to provide you the insight you need.
Don’t miss important filing dates – There are many regulations and filings that the government requires.  As a business owner it is difficult to understand, manage, and remain current with any filings required by the government.  Missing these filing dates can result in penalties and more work answering questions from the governing agencies.  A bookkeeper will ensure your tax filings are completed on time, allowing you peace of mind that you will not be late or negligent with your filings.
Manage your receivables and payables – Sales and profit are obvious financial metrics that businesses focus on.  However, cash flow can be a significant constraint on a business.  Having a professional bookkeeper manage your receivables and payables ensures maximization of your cash flow.  This will allow you to invest excess cash, ensure payments are made, and as a business owner pay yourself.
Running your business takes your full focus, so managing some of the details can be a constraint on your time and you may miss key details to help your business succeed.  A qualified, experienced bookkeeper can manage the financial details, provide insights, and work with you to grow your business.  Contact us for your bookkeeping needs.

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