Hiring A Mississauga Tax Accountant? Ask These Questions

25 October, 2016

Taxes are a fact of life. Whether you’re an employee or a business owner, paying taxes on accrued income is a process we all must go through every April. While the law requires us to pay what’s owed on our taxable income, nothing says that we have to go through the process on our own. In fact, most of us probably shouldn’t. With so many compliance regulations and deductions to remember, most people find hiring a Mississauga tax account proves a wise financial move.
What To Know When Hiring A Mississauga Tax Accountant
Getting your taxes done is stressful enough; don’t add to your burden by trying to manage the process on your own. Find a Mississauga tax accountant qualified to manage filing for you. Knowing a few key questions when screening potential accountants can help you find the right person for your specific needs.
Are You Up-To-Date With Provincial Requirements?
Federal tax codes apply to everyone; however, individual provinces all have varying rules and regulations. Always determine if your chosen accountant is familiar with local filing mandates.
What Documentation/Information Will You Need From Me?
Many people assume that hiring a professional tax accountant means that he/she will undertake finding all information and payment documentation. Not true. You will have to provide this information in advance. Find out so you can start gathering up with you need as soon as possible.
How Do You Determine Client Fees
Hiring professional services of any type means finding out about costs and fees, a Mississauga tax accountant is no exception. Is it a flat fee? Does the accountant charge an hourly rate? Ask the question up front so you gain clarity about the payment process.
Do You Offer Audit Support?
Getting audited, while rare, does happen. It’s important to know that you are partnering with an accountant who can help you should you find yourself navigating through an audit. Working with a professional who offers these type of services can grant you much needed peace of mind.
Can I Have The Name Of Three References
Finally, always check reference; hearing about what other clients experienced with a prospective tax accountant can help you make a solid final decision.
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