Finding A Qualified Tax Accountant In Toronto

27 September, 2016

Outsourcing your corporate taxes to a qualified tax accountant in Toronto can streamline your financial obligations and ensure that your business remains compliant at all times. While most company owners recognize the benefits offered from hiring a tax accountant, Toronto entrepreneurs often struggle with pinpointing a qualified professional to entrust with their business. Understanding a few simple tips as well as what to look for throughout the search process can help you find the right firm as quickly as possible.
Get A Referral
The first step in finding a skilled accountant is to tap into your professional network. Ask other corporate contacts whom you trust which firm they use and if they would recommend it to others looking to outsource the process. You should be able to put together a list of 3-5 prospects just by connecting with other entrepreneurs.
Interview Potential Firms
Once you have created your prospect list, contact each and ask to set up a time to at least have a phone conversation. One thing to note: if you have a tough time getting a firm to pick up their phone, move on. The accountant you choose will have access to all of your financial information; it’s critical to connect with each candidate and thoroughly discuss your needs and ascertain if overall skill level is commiserate with your requirements. During the interview process you should get into specific detail about the firm’s list of certifications. You will also want to talk about any specialties the accountant offers, particularly if you own a business with very distinctive tax regulations and requirements. This is also the time to ask if the company has room to take on new clients.
Talk About Price
While you should never choose a tax accountant in Toronto based on price alone, the expense of the firm is absolutely something you will want to determine before moving forward. Most firms will not have a concrete number, but should be able to gauge an estimate for services. Discuss flat fees, hourly rates, and what types of services fall under the “add-on” category.
Here’s one final tip: Always ask about their policy for assistance on audits. It’s a necessary way to know that your chosen provider will stand by you when the unexpected occurs for optimal peace of mind.
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